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Booking Requirements



A 50% retainer is required for booking your date. 

Security Deposit

$500 refundable security deposit, provided no damages occurred.

Cleaning Fee

$250 cleaning fee required for booking your date.


Wedding Day Insurance

We do require wedding day insurance for your big day to cover any accidents that may occur.  

This policy can be obtained through an event insurance site such as WedSafe or Wedsure.  


Approximate cost is $150.00 for $1 million dollars worth of coverage.  


Please have The Barn at King Hill Farm listed as certificate holder on this policy.


The certificate holder is the person who is receiving the certificate of insurance [COI] from the insured. The insured is giving the COI to the certificate holder to prove they have proper coverage. COIs do not change an insurance policy in any way or give the certificate holder the ability to make a claim on the policy; they simply show proof of coverage at that moment. 

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